“Keynotes, Motivation and Information for your Students, Faculty and Admin”

Through interactive presentations, your students, faculty and admin will learn:



For Students:

Scott is a current non-traditional student himself, as well as a military Veteran, family man, small business owner x2, fitness enthusiast and coffee aficionado. Through a voice of experience, Scott has the ability to relate and connect to your future or current students on a deeper level. He will give them the tools that they need to succeed in and outside of the classroom. Scott will teach your students on how to:

Overcome your fears

Learn the truth behind mastering the work/life balance

Recommit to your goals, commitment is easy, discipline is not.

Take ownership of your life and education

How to guarantee you graduate and do not quit

See the payoff beyond the degree (future potential over present predicament)

Leverage your degree into future success

For Teachers and Administrators:

Scott has worked with teachers and administrators to create programs specifically designed for the adult learner. Scott works hand in hand with current professors and has a passion to ensure they stay empowered and energized to so that they can engage their students with information that will not only get them through a class, but that will give them what they need in order to obtain a degree. Scott will teach your teachers/administrators how to:

Connect with Non-Traditional Students

Create opportunities in the classroom

Throw out that traditional lesson plan

Help your Adult learners adapt in the classroom

Remove barriers to success for your adult learners

Create opportunities for your non-traditionals to win

You can prevent burnout while going all-in

For the College or University:

Let’s face it, it is relatively easy to get students to come back to college. Scott even knows how to motivate and empower them to work hard and keep going. But the real reward for both the student and the institution is when they graduate. If they go through the motions and never graduate, the school loses out in additional funding decreases. For the school, Scott has programs to assist at every level, streamlining the process from potential enrollee, all the way to the degree! Scott will help you:

Activate and motivate potential students to return to school (Recruitment).

Encourage and empower current students to stay the course (Retention).

Educate and enlighten graduates to return and become your strongest advocates.

Offer ways to stand out in today’s competitive higher education market.

Show you how to deliver an Impeccable Educational Experience to Adult Learners.

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